1.2.0 Distribution

Server and client components work collaboratively within the network infrastructure to enable the storage, management, and delivery of audiovisual content. The server serves as the authoritative source of content, while clients act as the end-user interfaces, facilitating access and playback. The interaction between servers and clients is orchestrated by network protocols and supported by additional software components to create a seamless audiovisual streaming experience.

The server is a powerful computer or system responsible for storing and delivering audiovisual content. It may host multimedia files, manage user requests, and handle encoding or transcoding of media streams.

The clients are devices (such as computers, smartphones, or smart TVs) that connect to the server to request and receive audiovisual content. Server Responsibilities

The server is the central component responsible for managing and distributing audiovisual content. It serves as a repository for multimedia files, which could include video, audio, images, and other related data. Content Management

The server handles user requests, managing access to content, and may organize multimedia files in a structured manner for efficient retrieval.

Depending on the client’s capabilities or network conditions, the server may be responsible for encoding or transcoding media streams into different formats or resolutions to ensure optimal playback. Device Variety

Clients are the end-user devices that connect to the server to access and consume audiovisual content. These devices can range from traditional computers and laptops to modern smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and other internet-connected gadgets. User Interaction

Clients provide a user interface, whether through web browsers, dedicated applications, or media players, allowing users to interact with the server. Users can browse content, send requests, and control playback. Content Display

The client’s role includes decoding and rendering the audiovisual streams received from the server, presenting them to the user in a comprehensible and engaging manner.

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