Video Production Systems

1.0 Video Production Systems

GIS procures, installs, and tests video production multimedia systems which consist of a control processor, production software, audio, and visual connections.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Video Production system enables local control and management of network, audio, video, and control of sources.

1.1.0             Workstation

The workstation houses the video production software.  The advantage of the production application software is its wide range of feature-rich functions which include intuitive user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface), flexible recording/playback capability, and control of sources. In addition to its production functions, the video production software’s highly scalable system is highly flexible to meet specific application requirements. What’s more, the API (Application Program Interface) enables the management software to integrate audio-visual systems and software.

1.2.0             Sources

GIS procures and installs multiple sources.  The source consists of a camera. The sources interface via transports with mechanical and electrical connections.

1.3.0             Connectivity

The video production system shall provide the electrical characteristic connections to interface Next-Generation Embedded Devices (NGeD) within the video production sources and destinations.

GIS provides interfaces to connect end-user wiring between the video production facilities and interfaces required to connect devices.

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