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GIS conducts site visits with each media department to develop requirements to meet their needs.


GIS prepares an Engineering Plan upon approval of the Development Plan. The Engineering Plan provides scope, background, system description, schedule and price information.


GIS provides an Installation Plan which describes equipment the customer and GIS is responsible to complete the installation of video production system at each client site.


GIS shall train individuals the client requires. GIS shall train individuals on the installed system.

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The price does not include system installation.  GIS shall deliver equipment within 7-10.


Two 12X Cameras VPS Silver System

  • 2 12X Cameras
  • VPS Silver
  • 1 Year Support


Two 20X Cameras VPS Gold System

  • 2 20X Cameras
  • VPS Gold System
  • 1 Year Support


Three 30X Cameras VPS Black System

  • 3 30X Cameras
  • VPS Black System
  • 1 Year Support

Frequently asked questions

The GIS Streams Video Production System (VPS) workstation interfaces control audio/video (CAV), and pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras for High Definition video capture. GIS Streams VPS integrates multiple cameras, videos, images, audio, Powerpoint, titles, virtual sets, and chroma-key sources; and multi-records, -distributes, -web streams, and -play list functions that creates professional broadcast quality productions.

Manual and Graphic User Interface (GUI) production switchers both perform keying operations, generate color signals, and  Serial Digital Interface (SDI) functions.  GIS uses GUI which has largely replaced Manual production switchers to enable Network Device Interface (NDI) in live television broadcasts, streaming, video servers, along with linear and non-linear editing (NLE) sources.

The video production system (VPS) software is extremely user friendly. Over 90% of the VPS systems installed are operated by high school students.

As a result of prayer to develop a device and enable GIS to help people. In 2017 the video production system idea was developed.

Yes, please email your resume to

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Some Installed Systems

St Paul COGIC The Mother Church

St. Paul (The Mother Church) COGIC is the first COGIC founded by Bishop Mason.  St. Paul is located in Lexington, MS.

Christ Temple Church Joliet

Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church is located in Joliet, IL.  Bishop J. E. Moore is the Pastor.

The New Frontier

Video streaming is the new frontier in evangelism.